New releases of the MMO Games of 2016

Play new MMO GamesMany gamers are wondering: what kind of novelty is the MMO to play? To date, there are many different projects available. Some will be transferred to fantasy kingdoms, and others, to space, to another planet, parallel worlds, etc. There are many options, but it’s up to you to decide what new MMOs are better. Before you download the client or register, you should also familiarize yourself with the classes. Depending on your preferences, you can become a warrior, a magician, a murderer, a summoner, an archer, etc. You did not for a reason visit RBK Games, because today you learn about the best news of 2016.

Top projects of 2016

Peria Chronicles is a colorful sandbox, capable of catching graphics and content. Forget about banal quests, here you can independently come up with an assignment. When you get tired of fighting monsters, try to tame an animal or buy a piece of land and build a mansion. Not all expected MMOs are ready to offer such opportunities;

How to play MMO GamesAlbion Online: once in the Middle Ages, you must go in search of resources, and then build a castle, create weapons and armor. There are no familiar classes, and therefore the character can be turned into a knight, magician, warlock, etc. The game process is based on construction and battles, so that hacking neighbors, making friends and erecting amazing buildings. Not all innovations among the IMO in 2016 can boast of such an advanced crafting system;

Of Kings and Men: ready to move to Northern Ireland in the 13th century? Reincarnated as a knight, you must learn how to fence and kill. Your goal is to grab as many lands as possible and become the only king. Participate in mass battles, travel in colorful locations, make friends and, of course, try to become a legendary warrior;

Dark Times is a crazy MMO-Shooter. The world has come to an end, so be ready to fight the mutants. Here you can sit in a robot, go with one knife to wild animals, assess the scale of destruction from a helicopter, etc. What to play in the Dark Times, you must download and install the client.

The choice is yours

Online MMO GamesAre you still interested in what MMOs to play in 2016? On the platform of RBK Games you will find only the best projects. Thanks to us you will reincarnate as a hero, liberator, colonizer, invader, ruthless warrior, etc. To break out into the leaders and declare yourself to the whole game world, you must reach the maximum level. Prorolling in such projects plays a key role. And also do not forget about the equipment. Armor will save from death wounds, and swords, machine guns and staffs will help to get rid of opponents. Now you know what to expect, and that means you definitely decided on the game.

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