Browser MMORPG Dragon Knight

Play MMORPG Dragon KnightMMO online Dragon Knight tells an amazing story about the kidnapped princess and the war of the gods with demons. The gamer has the role of a brave hero, who must assemble the team and go on a dangerous journey. You are expected to meet with monsters, walk through the dungeons, communicate with new friends and get acquainted with masters who are ready to teach peaceful professions. Strategy Dragon Knight offers a choice of two characters. Let’s get to know them better.


A warrior is a fearless knight, adoring defending the weak. His place is in the first row;
The wizard is a powerful sorcerer who commands the elements. His place is in the second row.
Dragon Knight is a browser-based MMO RPG, which means you have to swing, fight, collect things and improve skills. To overcome the darkness and save the princess, you must build a strong team. Each hero is unique and has destructive abilities. In the game Dragon Knight archers, warriors, wizards, spellcasters, etc. can join you. As soon as the group is completed, it’s time to arrange the fighters. The fact is that in the game the character in the first row will receive damage until he dies. It is a living wall that protects allies. In this online MMO strategy, your task is to recruit a strong warrior and powerful damages capable of destroying the boss in seconds.


New MMORPG Dragon KnightNot every online MMO RPG for the browser is ready to offer an advanced crafting system. Here you can not only create objects, but also enchant them and insert magic stones. Ordinary armor can be turned into a powerful artifact. After the transformation, not only the characteristics will change, but also the appearance of the object. Browser MMO RPG offers you complete freedom of action. If you want, turn the sword into a flaming blade, and if you want, put the stones in the armor, and they will start to glow.

Riding Horses

Browser online game Dragon Knight gives each newcomer a horse. It must be trained, thereby strengthening the characteristics of the team. In addition to this, it increases the speed of movement. Having reached level 45, everyone can acquire a dragon. He will not participate in the battles, but will significantly increase the chances of winning, strengthening the attack and defense.


Online MMORPG Dragon KnightIn the MMO strategy of the Dragon Knight, you are waiting for gloomy dungeons, meetings with monsters and bosses. Dealing with elite enemies, you will receive a generous reward, in the form of experience, gold and rare items. When tired of fighting against artificial intelligence, go to the arena. Here you can prove your superiority to other users and even climb Olympus glory.

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