On the platform Miniclip Games you will find not only new MMO games of 2016, but also other projects. We focused on MMORPG, because they are the most popular and popular. Thanks to them you can travel to amazing worlds, get acquainted with the legendary personalities and, of course, participate in epic battles. Are you interested in the release of new MMOs in Russia in 2016? Then you came to the right place. Let’s get acquainted with the bright representatives of this genre.

Dark Times – a new MMO game about the end of the world. Ready to fight the mutants, travel around the post-apocalyptic world and swing? Then you are waiting for an unforgettable adventure, seven unique modes and a huge open world, teeming with monsters. When enemies surround, you can sit in a tank or a helicopter and easily deal with them;
Life is Feudal – MMO game, released in Russia in 2016. Once in the Middle Ages, your task is to learn how to survive. Create objects, erect buildings, fight with wild animals and other gamers. Here you can become a knight, a farmer, a trader, a robber, a murderer, etc.;
Revelation – MMO 2016 in Russia. You are waiting for the open world, six classes, 15 PvP regimes and massive sieges, designed for 5,000 people. Already can not wait to play? Then download the client, choose a character and go on a long journey through castles, ruins, deserts, underwater kingdoms, etc.;
Ring of the Dragon – an explosive shooter about the war with darkness. Once in the kingdom of Andimor, you must go in search of powerful artifacts. You are waiting for adventure, three glorious heroes, advanced crafting system and, of course, crazy battles. Forget about the pause, they can kill at any time. If you are afraid, hide in the city or collect all will into a fist and prove your superiority over others.

MMO Games of 2016 attracted the attention of millions of gamers. Thanks to them, people from all over the world have a chance to achieve outstanding results and become famous. Not every day you can become a hero who saved the kingdom or a tyrant who adores killing. Having visited the Miniclip Games platform, you can transform into a fearless knight, a cold-blooded barbarian, a powerful wizard, a skillful summoner of creatures, etc. From the game, you are separated in seconds. Some projects do not even require registration. So go ahead, into battle, for honor and glory!